Pet Boarding Facilities

Our Dog Boarding Facility consists of 4’x6’ indoor kennels, with access to a 4’x16’ outdoor runs. Dogs have access to their outside runs all day, and will be in the daycare play fields a minimum of 2 hours per day for Standard Boarding and 4 hours per day for Deluxe Boarding.

We also have a Cat Boarding Facility that features a cat playroom which will allow your cat to mingle with other cats. Our playroom is furnished with catwalks, toys and cat furniture for their entertainment.

Our indoor dog kennels are 4' by 6', with unfettered access to 4' by 16 foot runs. This means your dog will have more room when staying at sweet pea kennels than any other boarding facility in the Jackson and Cape Girardeau area.
At Sweet Pea Kennels dogs have constant access to the outdoors. This gives your dog more room to play than any other boarding or daycare facility in Cape Girardeau County.
A view of Sweet Pea Kennels outdoor runs and play areas. We have the largest boarding and daycare facility in the Cape Gir
Sweet Pea Kennels has plenty of room to grow. We are located on 20+ acres in the northern part of Cape Girardeau County. (Jackson, MO)

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